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Rex+ is a small architecture firm situated in Stockholm. For the last twenty years the office has built a portfolio of hotels, offices, villas and apartments. To secure that the projects in the future will continue with the same level of competence and commitment, the family-owned company has chosen to take on a new form. Two employees, Petra Sjölund and Dan Åkerblom, have entered as partners in the new ”Rex+ Arkitektbyrå”. The company will be owned in four equal parts by Olle Rex, Petra Sjölund and Dan Åkerblom. Different generations of architects with different points of views and experiences to create a momentum with a continuity based on curiosity.

The office will be called ”Rex+”, the well-established and reputable name Rex in a new look and the suffix ”+” which stands for value, something extraordinary, both for the company and its employees as well as for our clients. A positive change, bringing the company into a new era. “Rex+”, will be less associated with a one person and more a company with a quality guarantee for its clients, both in ideas as well as in execution down to the last detail.

We will continue to create Stockholm’s most beautiful private homes, though our focus will be in hotels, restaurants and offices. All these different types of commissions has allways been an important part of our business and will continue to be so. The office has always had committed, demanding and conscious clients who turn to us because they feel confident that we will deliver what they expect and more. We welcome all our existing clients and new clients to join us on this exciting journey!

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